Thoughts on Time

A Response to “On Time” by John Milton.

Keep flying time,

there’s nothing here to see.

Being mortal is not what

we thought it would be.

We, the hopeful children of God,

want you to be jealous of us,

but we know that you’re not,

we’re the ones who dream of the gift

that you’ve got.

The gift of yourself, we

throw away at first, time,

but near the end that

your true value shines.

If we travel on like you, time,

we’re to know our fate. Except we

die and move on, and not

something we lightly take.

The thought of eternity,

is wonderful and all,

but all we have is faith

to make that call.

Will we live on?

Or will we just end?

That glimmer of doubt

terrifies us, something

we hold true.

The thought of the unknown

makes us jealous of you.

We hope the “throne of heaven

is real, with golden-peaceful bliss.”

We hope God’s hand will take ours

with tender gracefulness.

We want to be with God,

and sit among the stars, and

break bread with the angels, but

the likelihood seems so far.

So in this we say, time,

keep flying, at least your fate

is secure, because when it comes

to ours, we’re not entirely sure.

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