I think of when you were here
how you teased me, how you joked
I got offended but in a weird way
I wasn’t angry
I was almost flattered
I was flattered that you took the time to notice
I loved the way you joked
and the voices you would make
You seemed to cheer me up in the weirdest ways
I loved the way we played with the thought of death
We thought we were immortal
Not in a straight out way
But in the way that we wanted to die
You wanted to be cremated, so did I
Not to copy, just so I’d be everywhere you were
I made you promise to haunt me
Now you do
I realize we are mortal, but it’s to late
We pushed God to the edge, and were punished for it
And he made us see
But was the price, your life, worth it
For me to know my mortality?
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