Life Stops – Life Keeps Moving

It’s dark.
The lights shine in my face. I can’t see;
blue, warm, silent; scared to death.
I wish I could have seen this coming.
So what am I supposed to do now?
I can’t stand here forever.

They won’t allow themselves to go very fast.
God’s will is funny sometimes.
It’s not supposed to be – this way.
I close my eyes and try to stop time;
Life stops; life keeps moving.

I’m confused.  We’re going in slow motion.
They go slowly to the side.
I’m really glad I came.
I think it’s my fault.  In my mind.
I don’t tell anybody;

The end;
I can tell it’s over.
Do we get to see Jesus?
I want to go over there and scream.
I didn’t mean it, don’t go that way.
But I stay and wipe my eyes.

Stand straight.
I was always told, a man should be strong.
Love God and your family.
But I crumble – wail and curse.
The hands on my back try to console;
It’s over; I know it;

Look up,
In a room, sterile, quiet, cold.
Eyes open, warm; remember.
This is the last time that I will see.
I pray, thinking that God will listen.
Look down; warm, blue; remember.

I dream – angels sing – all is fine.
Confusion is short in time.
God takes a little bit longer.
Frown, smile, scrape, fall, get up;
Life stops; life keeps moving…

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