Ideal Zombie Hideout in Fairbanks, Alaska

Gruening Building UAF Campus

Gruening Building, Perfect Zombie Hideout
Image courtesy of UAF.

In the event of a Zombie outbreak, where would you go? What would be your ideal hideout?

If you happen to be in Fairbanks, Alaska, and the zombie outbreak comes to a head, a good place to avoid the flesh eaters would be be the Gruening Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.

Link to UAF’s page on the building:

There are many reasons this building would be superior to any in the area. First and foremost is the sheer size of the building. At eight floors, it is one of the tallest structures on campus. The roof provides visual access to a large amount of campus and the adjacent town.

It was built with blast resistant reinforced concrete, also notice the thin windows? They are riot windows, which are designed to prevent a human, living or dead, from coming in and out. An added advantage is that the riot windows start on the third floor, making it very tough for Zack to reach the height necessary to access the building.

There are four metal double-door entrances on each side. Each is an arctic entry. There’s an outer door to the outside, and inner space and then another door to the interior. Right now, each door is made of heavy metal, and the way it’s designed allows for easy blocking of the inner door. The arctic entry can be easily blocked off, preventing access to the inner door as well.

There are three ways to ascend the floors in the interior of the building. One is by elevator, which is easy to disable in a pinch, and a main and secondary set of stairs. The secondary stairs only go to the second floor. The main set of stairs go all the way up and use a switchback system. So you walk in one direction as you climb, and then have to turn 180 degrees to continue. ( |/| <--this would be inclining) The stairs are also fairly steep. You could set up defenses to prevent Zack from climbing the stairs. It is the best point for zombie access to the rest of the building, and would be easy to block at multiple levels. There is an interconnected tunnel system or utilidors, that connect every building on campus to one another. They are service tunnels not meant for traveling, but they can be used to travel around campus undetected should the need arise. It would be recommended to only travel the utilidors as a last resort, because there are many door traps that are meant to trap people from traveling the tunnels. The only way out is by key or by force. Plus, it's possible to meet up with Zack and his buddies in the dark tunnels. They are less secure than than the Gruening building would be. Living in an area where it's below freezing for half the year helps in preparations for spring and summer. According to Max Brooks, the arctic would be one of the safer places on earth during a Zombie outbreak, because they are still humans with human flesh. Human flesh freezes solid in cold temperatures, and Zack is dead, so there's no core heat. So there you have it. A look at the Gruening building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, and the ideal zombie hideout.

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