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Atigun Pass, Alaska

Atigun Pass, Alaska


I was was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from Sunset High School in Beaverton, Oregon. I hold an Associate of Applied Science degree in Radio Broadcasting from Mt. Hood Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and I’m currently a graduate student in the Media Studies program at the University of Oregon.

In 2003, my wife Melissa and I decided to move to Alaska on a whim. We sold a vast majority of our belongings, packed the rest in a U-haul trailer attached to a Jeep Wrangler and drove up the Alaska Highway in 6 days (that’s very slow). While there, we lived the Alaska lifestyle of very cold temperatures, lots of sun, lots of darkness, massive clouds of mosquitoes, forest fires, dry cabins (cabins with no water) and immense beauty and great people. It’s a unique place. I’ve traveled all over the state and seen many great things. My time in Alaska allowed me to master changing car batteries at 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) below zero, perfecting blood transfusion via mosquito and perfecting the art of using smalls animals, namely a fuzzy dog and a lazy cat, as a heating source.

The name Atigun comes from Atigun Pass, a mountain pass in Alaska’s Brooks Range. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you’d like to read more on Atigun Pass, you can find good information on its Wikipedia page. If you’d like a little taste of Fairbanks and other parts of Alaska, you can visit my YouTube channel.

Matthew Schroder

Matthew Schroder

Most of my career has been in radio as a jack of all trades. I’ve held several professional positions including general manager, program director, operations manager, Website coordinator, news producer, show producer, sports producer and morning show host. I’ve taught broadcasting to high school and college students, and I’ve served on many hiring panels and review boards. If you’d like to know more, you can take a look at my resume and have a listen to a sample aircheck.

In 2015, I moved back to Oregon to attend the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication as a graduate student in their Media Studies program. Alaska led me to an interest in studying the media of remote places, and the ways in which media affects residents in remote places. My research interests include public media in the United States, alternative funding structures for public media, and the political economy of media institutions.

I enjoy birding. My favorite bird is the Raven, but I have a fondness for Chickadees and Woodpeckers. I also enjoy gardening, playing the guitar, singing, reading science fiction and comic books and watching Star Trek. I have a passion for table top and video games, and a love of good beards, coffee and blueberries.

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There is no shortage of science fiction reading here. No lack of appreciation for beards, love of coffee or obsession over blueberries.